The Anti-Scam

National Life Insurance

Posted on: June 3, 2009

This morning, I received an email about another (potential) scammy-looking job offer. This time, from National Income Life. There site says it is a subsidiary of American Income Life. Upon my quick research on this group, I have to say that I’m not so confident about this one. (Again I was offered an office job at an insurance company when my online resume clearly qualifies me for something TOTALLY different…like the living science!)

From my “scam or no scam” research, I was not able to exactly find complaints about National Income Life but I did find a good amount of complaints against their parent group. Apparently you can get hired by them, but many of their practices are just unethical or just plain mis-advertised.

Just google in “National Income Life scam” and you’ll see the complaints for American Income Life rolling in from various sources like complaintsboard or ripoffreport. So, as there does exist stories of people who claim to have actually gone through with the interview and job process of this “company” it’s probably a no-go. Of course, these complaints could also be fabricated by a small group of angry people or something else deceiving just to bring down an innocent company. But, I’m going to lean towards the idea that when a scam search on Google yields many pages of positive (showing it IS a bad idea to get involved), then it’s probably not a good idea.

Besides, there are many other reputable insurance companies to work for. Like Aetna or MetLife. Sure there might be ethical problems with working for these legit companies to but…what do you want? They’re insurance companies!

Conclusion: I’ll lean towards “SCAM!” but not 100%. What do you think?

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